Indoor Plug-In Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Plug-In Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Hoont Indoor Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Night Light is a very effective and passive addition to the line of your defense against unsanitary pests. This is a very unique and clean way of eliminating unwanted rodents and insects.

An Excellent Way to Eliminate Pests

This pest repeller is small and self-contained with no chemical mess or worry of poison for your pets and children. Technology has made rodent and pest control an easy safe and active way of clearing unwanted insects and rodent traffic from your home. Using high frequency sounds that repel unwanted rodents and insects this is an environmentally safe pest alarm that works on frequencies no one hears except rodents and insects that it repels.

Plugin Ultrasonic Repeller Features

A Built In Multi-Purpose Night Light

The Hoont Indoor Plug In Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is not only a superior and environmentally friendly way to drive off unwanted pests, it is a night light to ensure safety in your home at night. The Features and benefits of this product are top of the line in electronic pest control used indoors.

  • Studies have proven this product in testing for five years in universities. Which have given this product an EPA approved seal to rid your home rodents and insects.
  • Is not harmful to indoor pets such as dogs or cats or children. This product will not harm birds, fish and pet reptiles such iguanas or lizards.
  • This product is not recommended for homes with small pets such as chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils and pet friendly rodents.
  • The product works through electronic impulse frequencies to send an alarm that repels unsanitary rodent traffic..
  • Using electronic bursts the Pest Repeller works to repel pests with sounds that will sound an alarm to the unwanted pests who enter your home for food and warmth.
  • Just one unit of this great rodent repellent covers a complete floor of your home. This quality product comes in a four pack to cover areas such as garages and storage buildings to eradicate unwanted rodent entrance.
  • Built in Night Light and surge protected for added safety to your electronic products and is excellent for use around your basement and computer rooms.
  • One unit of the this Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller only uses about four to five units of electricity per year.
  • This environmentally product is safe around children and protection against unsanitary rodents, spiders, roaches and mice with no unsafe chemicals or potentially harmful insect bombs.

Use technology to help eliminate your need for messy pesticides in your home. No more roach baits, messy motels or insect bombs are necessary to remove unwanted roaches, spiders and insects.

This technology eliminates rat traps and mice traps of all kinds. This device eliminates the killing of insects and rodents. The high frequency sounds are neat clean and keep your home pest free without pesticides of any kind. Upgrade your pest control defense with this premier device that eliminates the mess out of pest control for your home.


Plug-In Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Non Toxic Spray

Non-Toxic Spray

This non-toxic spray kills larvae, eggs, and adult insects by breaking down their exoskeleton. It is safe to spray around the home and works only on the insects. Feel good about spraying indoors around pets, plants and children.
All Natural Non Toxic Insect Killer Spray by Killer Green

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