Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies – Pest Profile

Scientific Name: Drosophila melanogaster

Common Name: Fruit fly, common fruit fly, vinegar fly

Appearance: Fruit flies are small, flying insects which are generally yellow-brown in color. Females are approximately 2.5mm in length, with males being slightly smaller and often darker. Fruit flies are often confused with gnats, which are somewhat similar in appearance although generally smaller.

Region & Habitat: With the exception of extreme polar regions, and extreme altitudes, fruit flies are found worldwide.

Behavior: Fruit flies get their name from their tendency to lay eggs in rotting fruit, which is why they are commonly found anywhere that food is stored.

Why They Are Pests: Mostly, fruit flies are merely a nuisance, however they can post a real danger to humans. Due to their tendency to feed on fruits and other human foods, they are capable of spreading bacterial infections and diseases.

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