Mice – Pest Profile

Scientific Name: Mus musculus

Common Name: Mouse, House Mouse

Appearance: Mice are small mammals of the order Rodentia, which is why they are commonly referred to as rodents. Adult house mice will have bodies that are approximately 7.5-10 cm in length, with a tail that is an additional 5-10 cm. Mice have hairy bodies, with the exception of the tail and ears, and are typically a brownish or grayish color.

Region & Habitat: House mice live throughout the world, with the exception of extreme polar and desert areas. This kind of mouse draws its name from the its tendency to live in close proximity to humans. This is mostly because of the food that is available wherever humans live, but also these mice are not native to many areas of the world and have not fully adapted to the outdoor climate.

Behavior: Mice are typically either nocturnal (awake at night) or crepuscular (awake at dawn and dusk), and spend about half the day sleeping. Males are territorial, and will defend their territory from other mice if necessary. Being omnivorous, mice will eat nearly anything but they prefer plat matter to other foods. House mice will generally live for about 2 years.

Why They Are Pests: Aside from being a nuisance and eating human foodstuffs, mice are capable of spreading diseases to humans. These diseases include lyme disease, salmonella, rickettsial, and many others.

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