How To Get Rid Of Moles

mole in the ground

How To Get Rid Of Moles

When you see a series raised ridges accompanied by tiny dirt volcanoes breaking the surface of your yard, you know you have moles tunneling underneath your yard.

While moles cause little environmental damage, they naturally aerate the soil and eradicate the larvae of destructive pests living below the soil. However, they only become a nuisance when they raid yards destroying vast stretches of green grass and uprooting plants. This is because mole tunneling wipes out all the roots causing the ridges to brown quickly.

If you notice signs that moles are wreaking havoc on your yard, here are a few ways you can employ to get rid of the moles from your yard.


Trapping is the most reliable and effective technique of eradicating moles from your yard. Before setting a trap, determine which tunnels are active. These can be identified by covering the molehill, and waiting for a day or two. If the molehill is uncovered, there is a great possibility that the mole is actively using it.

Set up the trap astraddle the tunnel with its legs slightly depressed into the ground and ensure that the hole is covered with a solid material. One of the reasons why traps work well is because they capitalize on the moles natural instinct to clear a blocked tunnel.

Attract Mole Predators

Attracting mole predators such as hawks or owls is another very effective hands-off solution that you can utilize when getting rid of moles. Buy nest boxes that look similar to large bird houses and attach them to a tree high above the ground. Ensure that the nest box is properly assembled and fill it with straw.

Cats are also natural predators of moles, and having a few of them around can help eradicate yard moles very effectively.

Eradicating Grubs

Moles feed greatly on soil dwelling insects like the Japanese beetle. Milky spore, beneficial nematodes, or lawn aerator sandals can be used to eradicate these grubs, consecutively reducing tunneling or feeding activity of moles.

While this may help reduce tunneling, moles may still feed on earthworms after the grubs are gone if your soil is healthy.

Use Ultrasonic Devices

Apart from having a great sense of smell, rodents have superb hearing capabilities. This ability to hear things very well can also be used to your advantage to drive them away. One of this ways is the use of ultrasonic devices designed to generate annoying underground sonic pulses. Since moles love quieter surroundings, the vibrations, and the sounds irritate them making them run away.

Use of Botanical Deterrents

Since moles spend nearly all of their time in the dark tunnels, they tend to have narrow eyesight. However, this drawback is augmented by their perfect sense of smell. Use of certain plant repellents such as chocolate lilies, daffodils, alliums, and fritillarias can help deter moles from your yard.

Non Toxic Spray

Non-Toxic Spray

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