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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants At Home


Ants are a common culprit in the kitchen, scavenging for crumbs, however, also created an unclean environment for food. Sugar ants are one of the most common to be found trying to find of all things, sugar, or any other fatty treat we may have laying around. As small of a problem as this may seem, ants are prone to spoil many expensive foods in your house such as bread, nuts, cheese, honey, and meat. Together, we will be going over the many ways you get rid of these irksome insects and where to look for them in your home.

Where to Look for Sugar Ants

Sugar ants love moist, dark, and damp environments. Mostly found in forests and woodlands, it is not common to find them in homes if they find the conditions suitable. They set up nests commonly under roots and twigs but you can easily find them in your home. You can tell it is a sugar ant infestation by the design of their nest which resembles a small dirt mound with a small home in the top, kind of like a mini volcano.

Household Tips

1. Keep Your Sink Dry

The best way to control sugar ants in your home is by keeping your house clean. Mainly your kitchen and pantry, the cleaner you make it, the fewer food scraps ants will find and eat. Always be sure to keep your dishwasher clean as well since ants can find a way in and collect food off plates and bowls. A great alternative to cleaning every day is pouring a small amount of bleach next to especially dirty spots in your kitchen since it will drive ants away. Along with your kitchen sink, always make sure it is wiped down at the end of the day and the drain is cleared.

2. Keep Your Floor Clean

Bleach works tremendously in keeping ants away. Be sure to sweep your floors every night and mop with bleach to mask the smell of leftover food or baking grime. After all, every drop of food counts, if you think an ant can get to it be sure to clean it. It only takes one piece of food to lead to an ant infestation which could lead to the hefty price of an exterminator. If you don’t have bleach on hand, a bucket of warm water and a mop can easily help clean up food and drink spills.

3. Take Out the Trash Often

As tedious as it sounds, taking out the trash as soon as it’s full can help clear your home of sugar ants. Your trash is full of fatty and sugary foods that these ants thrive on. By taking out the main source of their food, you are taking out the problem at the start. Especially using trash bags that contain Arm & Hammer baking soda can help lower the problem by masking the smell of your trash. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get rid of any ant related problem in your home, especially in the kitchen, is to start taking the trash out on a regular basis.

4. Vacuum Frequently

Make sure to vacuum your house frequently. Pay special attention to the areas where you eat food. After all, it is not just sweet food that attracts ants, but bread crumbs and vegetables as well. Vacuum your kitchen, dining room, and, if you enjoy the occasional midnight snack, your bedroom as well and make sure you get all of these crumbs out of your carpets.

5. Clean Your Counters

Sugar ants enjoy a dirty counter as much as they do a dirty sink. If you do have sugar ants in your home, wipe down your counters with bleach every night. Doing so will allow you to sanitize your kitchen and erase the pheromones that ants use to follow each other to food sources. Wipe down other kitchen surfaces as well. This includes your stove, microwave, refrigerator, chairs, and tables.

6. Protect Your Food

Here are a few ways to keep your food safe from any sugar ant.

– Put opened dry goods in sealed containers. This includes treats like cereal, chips, and cookies.

– Place bread and baked goods in the fridge or a bread box.

– Also place open containers of liquids like coffee, soda, and juice in the refrigerator.

– Sticky and sweet substances like syrup and honey should be kept in the refrigerator as well.

– Use airtight containers to store flour and sugar.

– Do not leave any sticky food outside or close to kitchen entrances.

Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

  • Coffee Grounds

Ground coffee is any easy home remedy for sugar ants. Find the crack where the ants are entering your home and fill it with coffee grounds. The scent will confuse them and cause them to change their path.

  • Peppermint

This is another repellent method that depends on its strong smell. Spray cracks and windows to keep sugar ants out.

  • Semolina

Semolina is a type of flour made from durum wheat. It expands when it gets wet in the queens digestive system and she’s unable to digest it. This can be a very useful tactic as describe by a user on the GardenBanter forum: Organic Remedy for Destroying Ant Nests

This requires to be done when the weather is dry for reasons which will become obvious.

First locate an area where the ants are active, now sprinkle some dry semolina in a small pile.

The worker ants will transport this new food source back to the nest, the queen will be fed the new food first. Having eaten the dry semolina it will expand in the moist environment of the queen’s digestive system and she will explode through being unable to digest it. This it was said would also be the fate of the larval queens in waiting who would also be fed the semolina. The result no queens no eggs no ants.

I have only had to use this remedy once on my plot and it worked perfectly.

  • Vinegar

Make a vinegar solution using half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water. Use a spray bottle to spray windows, floors, and other entrance cracks.

  • Lemon Juice

Sugar ants are repulsed by the smell of citrus and lemon in particular. Mix one part lemon juice to three parts water and spray the solution in the infested areas.

  • Baking Soda

This is an extremely effective way to rid your home of sugar ants and is quite deadly for them. Mix sugar and baking soda in a jar with an open lid. Let it sit for some time and the ants will be drawn to it. Then simply remove the jar from your home.

  • Chalk

Use chalk to draw a line in front of every point of entry. Ants dislike walking through chalk and will not do it.

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